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Tea Society

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Tea Society
Called India

If there is one thread that binds us unequivocally as a nation, one ritual that symbolises unity in diversity, and one language that transcends regional distinctiveness, it is our love of tea. Being innately Indian is synonymous with starting the day with a steaming cup of chai. Be it a time held, homemade recipe, or the special chai of the ever-dependent tapri chaiwallah around the bend near the office building, tea is a constant in our lives.

Society Tea’s latest brand campaign celebrates this unifying and proudly homegrown tea drinking culture across the length and breadth of our country. Our customers’ loyalty comes from our rigor to maintain consistency, quality and infallible taste. Testimonials over the years, and more recently, our travels whilst executing the campaign across several regions in India, is reassurance that Society Tea drinkers revel in our passion for quality.

In regions remote and quaint, in people unique and diverse, we found our brand footprint across incredible India! The idea of this passionate campaign, emerged serendipitously from the brand name itself...

When one interchangeably cites ‘Society Tea’, it reads ‘Tea Society’ -the ultimate societal truth that defines India and Indian-ness.

Once the branding idea was conceived, Palani Mohan & Rakesh Haridas were handpicked to essay this story. We looked for talent with a keen, lyrical, ‘documentary’ style of photography and film. These mavens covered various regions of India taking almost 5 months to finish the project—from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Meghalaya to Mumbai. The campaign demanded sustained intent, desire, passion and commitment.

Between endless cups of tea, all-nighters and travel secrets, this human interest campaign was born to tell a special story….

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Make A Difference

Consider the feeling of making a difference to people’s lives. To the countless children, deprived women & living creatures, who got to see a better day because of your support.

For The Tea Society Called India is a unique campaign to unlock the human bond. Real images shot by acclaimed photographer Palani Mohan, that describe the essence of India and it’s love for tea can be bought over this website. Which will then be printed on a special textured fine art paper, delivered right at your doorstep. Proceeds of these will be donated to a foundation/NGO of your choice.

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    You can choose either a 6x9” or a 12x18” size. These works of art will be printed on fine art paper, packed & delivered right at your doorstep!

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    Choose the cause you connect with from the NGO’s listed here.

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    Karma is a good thing! Spread the love, contribute & make a difference.

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Our Partner NGOs

The Foundation

The Foundation believes that in the long run disadvantaged parts of the world can only be economically and socially uplifted by the inhabitants of the region itself i.e. people that are ancestrally, socially and culturally linked to the land. To that end, The Foundation has decided to work in the most underserved parts of India from where it will select children, give them an unparalleled education from (grade 6 up to employability), multifaceted experience and exposure, both deep and wide. So that in 15 years they return to their homelands as world class professionals who will inevitably assume the role of thought leaders and change makers.


World For All Animal Care And Adoptions (WFA) is an organization dedicated to the cause of needy stray animals. We have a helpline number and four animal ambulances that attend to over 25 animals every day, 6 days a week.

WFA is a pioneer in adoptions of Indian breed animals, we stand against buying a pet as no price tag can be put on an animals’ life.


At Advitya we provide skill development to people with conditions like Down's Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage. We have 22 such students and all are above the age of 18 years, majorly in the age group of 35-70 years. These are students who have been unable to continue in other special institutes due to their growing age and / or need for individual attention. We work with such students and use colour & music as therapy. We impart vocational skills like adding value to handicraft products, which provides the students a platform to showcase their creativity.


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Show your support for this unique cause. When you pick a cup of your choice, your friends get notified. This helps in spreading the love & getting more people to join For The Tea Society Called India!

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