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Tea Society

Society Tea Celebrates The Tea Society Called India

If there is one thread that binds us unequivocally as a nation, one ritual that symbolises unity in diversity, and one language that transcends regional distinctiveness, it is our love of tea. Being innately Indian is synonymous with starting the day with a steaming cup of chai. Be it a time held, homemade recipe, or the special chai of the ever-dependent tapri chaiwallah around the bend near the office building, tea is a constant in our lives.

Society Tea’s latest brand campaign celebrates this unifying and proudly homegrown tea drinking culture across the length and breadth of our country. Our customers’ loyalty comes from our rigor to maintain consistency, quality and infallible taste. Testimonials over the years, and more recently, our travels whilst executing the campaign across several regions in India, is reassurance that Society Tea drinkers revel in our passion for quality.

In regions remote and quaint, in people unique and diverse, we found our brand footprint across incredible India! The idea of this passionate campaign, emerged serendipitously from the brand name itself...

When one interchangeably cites ‘Society Tea’, it reads ‘Tea Society’ -the ultimate societal truth that defines India and Indian-ness.

Once the branding idea was conceived, the right photographers and filmmakers were handpicked to essay this story. We looked for talent with a keen, lyrical, ‘documentary’ style of photography and film. These mavens covered various regions of India taking almost 5 months to finish the project—from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Meghalaya to Mumbai. The campaign demanded sustained intent, desire, passion and commitment.

Between endless cups of tea, all-nighters and travel secrets, this human interest campaign was born to tell a special story….


Thank You